About Kmop Education Hub

At KMOP, we believe that when education is successful, it enables individuals to not merely exercise their agency in participating in economic, civic, and humanistic activity but also, to re-shape it. On the mission to promote social progress through education, KMOP Education Hub has developed a range of educational programmes for individuals and businesses, helping them to navigate their social ecosystem towards achieving their goals and contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable future. Our educational programmes are expected to foster social progress through four different but interlinked purposes.



Education that develops human talents and interests, adding value to individuals and societies.



Education that leads to the enhancement of public life and active participation in a democratic society.



Education that provides individuals with theoretical and practical skills that increase employability and enhance society’s living conditions.

Social equity & justice


Education that acts as a vehicle for equity and greater social inclusion.

For individuals & businesses

Each of these goals can be understood from an individual and collective perspective. Hence, at KMOP, we prepare educational programmes that tap into the needs of individuals and organisations, giving everyone a chance to acquire new knowledge and learn soft skills that help them improve their life.

About Kmop

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Center is one of oldest civil society organizations in Greece with 45 years of experience in direct provision of social services and implementation of social initiatives in supporting vulnerable individuals.

KMOP studies and analyzes pressing societal challenges in order to understand society, proposes innovative interventions, educates, and develops the know-how to address social issues based on fairness, innovation, sustainability and balanced development. It actively supports individuals and communities through the direct provision of social services and educational opportunities, the implementation of innovative initiatives, research and impactful policy design.

The ultimate goal of KMOP to contribute to effective social-policy design and to lead impactful programmes that promote individual well-being, reduce inequalities, eliminate vulnerabilities, and foster inclusive and sustainable social growth.

The major projects of KMOP include the design and operation of the first Open Care Centers for the Elderly (KAPI), in the period 1979-1983, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the creation of second chance schools. KMOP also maintains three group houses which offer individuals suffering from mental disorders residential care in an inclusive environment and a day care center for people with with moderate chronic mental disorders.

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